To provide a safe, caring and pleasant learning environment where children are encouraged to develop to their fullest potential academically, physically, socially and spiritually.


Our goals for our children, our parents, our staff and our community are as follows:


For Our Children:

- To provide an environment where children can feel comfortable and secure.

- To value each child for their uniqueness and individuality.

- To introduce the world of Art, Music, Science, Information Technology and Christianity.

- To develop the child’s decision-making skills.

- To promote respect for self and others.

- To develop the child’s creative skills.

- To provide age-appropriate curriculums and activities.

- To promote play as an important element in early childhood development.


For Our Parents:

- To encourage parents to be partners with teachers in the children’s development process.

- To maintain positive and open communications.

- To promote parent education and parent involvement.

- To provide a place where parents can feel comfortable leaving their children.


For Our Staff:

- To provide a variety of opportunities and experiences to promote the children’s development.

- To provide a positive and pleasant work environment.

- To encourage professional development and continuing education.

- To nurture positive relationships with children, parents and co-workers.

- To encourage professional and ethical work habits.

- To promote the provision of quality and caring child care services in the spirit of excellence.


For Our Community:

- To provide accessible, affordable and dependable child care services.

- To support activities which improve the quality of life for all children.

- To operate in a responsible and considerate manner.

- To maintain the highest standards in business and early childhood development.


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